Ideation and design prototyping

Ideation and Design Prototyping

Fully explore that idea for a new product by taking advantage of accessible and affordable prototype draft modeling and 3D printing expertise.

Shipped directly to you, anytime, anywhere.

Infrastructure development

Infrastructure Development

Enable a streamlined company and employee-friendly environment by taking advantage of ISO, OSHA and Lean best practices that ensure your workforce has access to useful documentation, by strengthening training and upgrading tools needed to be always ready and productive on the job.

Future proofing

Future Proofing

Tap into the ever evolving potential that conventional and new technologies offer, to both big and small businesses, tools that create opportunities for growth, modernization and a better quality of management and work.

Industry Clients



Taylor Consulting & Design partners with clients across public, private and non-profit sectors to enable their growth and opportunities for improvement, via technical advice and performance enhancements that yield an expedient, quality and cost efficient business.

Technical Design Thinking

Creative and innovating perspectives that enable new ways of managing your business and daily operations, improving your planned results and the greater benefits it brings to you, your employees and customers.

An Engineering Approach

Insightful, concise and user-friendly technical advice to help advance your business, product and design goals is imperative. Whether you're interested in designing a new product, implementing a new industrial process control system, look into operations research or custom data analytics, providing you simple data-driven insights to fully understand opportunities for growth and improvement is the main goal.